The IMS-CCS Flatness Gauge offers you a degree of accuracy not found in other flatness measuring systems. As your customers require increasingly tight tolerances, this gauge helps you to maximize the acceptance rate of strip, sheet, and plate processed on galvanizing, pickling, cutting-to-length, slitting, and tension leveling lines in service centres and cold mills.

It contains 50 cameras per 1,000 mm of inspection length and a laser line unit. The source head projects multiple laser lines across the strip width and the lines are imaged using matrix cameras. These intelligent camera clusters provide superior data image processing with a high sampling rate, no matter on matte or glossy surfaces. You get the topographical and flatness data displayed on an HMI device for superior monitoring and control. Even with limited installation space, the compact simplified design and pre-calibration shorten the installation and commissioning time to your advantage. The IMS-CCS Flatness Gauges are now more powerful and easier to install than ever!

Flatness Measurement


50 cameras per 1m space

200 measuring zones per meter strip width

Sampling rate of 1 kHz

are the guarantee for a high-resolution measurement.

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