Oil Film Measurement

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IMS Oil Film Measurement

  • Measuring principle: Optical
  • Measuring task: Oil film meaurement
  • Field of application: Coating lines
  • Production plant: Cold rolling mills
  • Measured good: Oil
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Find weak points before they have a negative impact on production quality

Up to now, it has not been possible to measure and record thinnest oil films in the tinplate production process using an online measuring method. However, high-quality coating processes require increasingly precise coating measurements.

With the newly developed optical oil film measuring system from IMS, which works on the principle of ellipsometry, it is now possible for the first time to determine coat thicknesses down to 30 nanometres precisely. Despite the thinness of the oil film, oiling is of great importance in the production process, as it determines at the end of the value chain how economically the tinplate product can be processed further.

Used for oil coating measurement, the IMS oil coating measurement finds its application in coating lines of cold rolling mills.

Your challenges

  • Complaints due to infringements of upper or lower limit values for organic coatings
  • Uncoated areas due to line malfunctions
  • Missing quality verifications for customers
  • Offline samples are representative of the strip
  • Late intervention on failure
  • Contaminated material surfaces

Our solutions for you

  • Non-contact measurement
  • High precision per ellipsometry
  • Continuous online measurement of coat thickness
  • High-end solution for exact coat measurement
  • Recording of the measurement results in customised quality reports

IMS Measuring Systems for the Metals Industry

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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IMS Top 10 Highlights

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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Top 10 Highlights

  • Multichannel Profile Measuring Systems for Cold Rolling Mills
  • Calibration Master for Multichannel Profile Measuring Systems
  • Camera-Cluster-Systems Geometry
  • Burr Detection for slabs
  • surcon 3D Tube Surface Inspection
  • Coil State Measurement
  • surcon 2D and 3D Surface Inspection
  • XRD Phase Content Measurement
  • Oil Film Measurement
  • Internal Defect Detection

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