IMS Thickness Gauge M50-062020

June 2020

The next IMS Measuring System is on its way to our customer:

IMS Thickness- and Thickness Cross Profile Measurement System M50 for Stainless Steel and Copper

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South Korea

Centreline thickness and also thickness cross profile measurement of stainless steel and copper by only one measuring system? A challenge that was solved with these two radiometric thickness gauges M50 from IMS.

Another special feature of these two measuring systems – beside the possibility to measure two different materials with high accuracy by each gauge of the measuring system – is the combined measurement of the centerline thickness as well as the thickness cross profile measurement while stationary strip. The information of the strip thickness cross profile is used for presetting the rolling mill.

In this measuring method, the material is irradiated by a single X-ray source mounted in the lower jaw of the C-frame. Two ionization chambers installed in the upper jaw receive the remaining radiation, convert it into electrical signals and determine the exact thickness of the measured material.

In order to change the strip thickness measuring system M50 from the measurement of stainless steel to the measurement of copper, only two copper sheets have to be inserted into the respective measuring points for manual calibration.

Both measuring systems will soon be put into operation in the South Korean 12-High Finishing Cold Mill of our customer, on which both stainless steel and copper is rolled.

  • Measuring principle: Radiometric
  • Measuring task: Thickness- and Thickness Cross Profile Measurement
  • Field of application: Cold Rolling Mills
  • Production plant: 12-High Finishing Cold Mill
  • Measured good: Stainless Steel & Copper
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