IMS Multichannel Profile Measuring System-052020

May 2020

The next IMS Measuring System is on its way to our customer:

IMS Multichannel Profile Measuring System for aluminium

052020 Alu Multikanaler_Web


With this aluminium thickness profile gauge the third system of a new generation of IMS multichannel profile measuring systems for the complete provision of all important rolling parameters such as centreline thickness, thickness cross profile, wedge and crown data and width is on its way to our customer.

This IMS thickness profile measuring systems of the latest generation is equipped with six X-ray tubes, a stereoscopic measuring channel design as well as a measuring spot arrangement in one row across the strip. A technology which has been so convincing from the very beginning on – especially in its performance – that our customer has defined this type of multichannel profile measurement as the new standard for all his rolling mills worldwide!

The first of these systems for thickness measurement in strip centreline, thickness cross-profile measurement, calculation of wedge and crown values as well as strip width measurement of aluminium and other alloys has been put into operation in an Asian rolling mill of our customer. Now this second multichannel profile measurement system is following to be installed in the 4-stand tandem mill of a Brazilian hot rolling mill and detecting aluminium with its various alloys very soon.

Not only the thickness measurement systems of the new generation, which are close to the previous models with regard to their mechanical design and metrological evaluation, were designed amongst others with support of the development department of this special customer. Also this business relationship is a long-term, very successful and constructive cooperation, which in this way contributes significantly to the innovations of IMS Messsysteme GmbH.

All of these measuring systems have been accepted by the customers global development team as well as by the end customer in the test fields at IMS Messsysteme GmbH. Since neither the personal presence of the Asian nor the Brazilian customers was possible due to the travel restrictions of COVID-19, the test and inspection results were exchanged and discussed in daily video conferences. All acceptances were granted without exception, despite the unusual procedure, which was also quite new for IMS.

  • Measuring principle: Radiometric
  • Measuring task: Thickness measurement in the strip centre for automatic gap control (AGC), thickness cross profile measurement, calculation of wedge and crown values for profile control, strip width measurement
  • Field of application: Hot rolling mills
  • Production plant: 4-stand hot strip tandem mill (exit finishing stand)
  • Measured good: Aluminium and other alloys
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