Working as a team for our joint success

We at IMS live technology: the production of high-precision technology requires a strong focus on quality. One constant challenge in this process is to reconcile man, machine and environment. The human factor has always enjoyed a high priority in our corporate culture as highly motivated and well-trained employees guarantee our success. To ensure the qualifications of our workforce keep in step with developments, our employees regularly undergo on-going professional training. Our internal structure is organised such that all employees can develop their abilities to the full. One component of our corporate culture is our internal Ideas Management Programme (IDM), which encourages and rewards self-motivation and creativity in our staff. Short decision-making channels and room for initiative characterise our work processes. Clear roles facilitate communication both with customers and within our project teams. We also offer a co-operative degree programme in which participants learn theory and acquire practical experience in rotation with the benefits of earning a fixed salary during their studies and enjoying excellent, practice-related supervision of their course work. Such an environment offers young professionals in particular excellent opportunities to advance to responsible positions. We offer you a pleasant and modern work environment in which team work, a high level of personal responsibility and mutual respect play a leading role.

IMS works successfully...

  • Flexitime
  • Voluntary profit-sharing bonus programme

IMS supports…

  • Employees in hardship
  • Early partial retirement schemes
  • Part-time work

IMS as team player...

  • Team-building measures
  • Team development through team seminars for employees
  • Incentives and events
  • Induction plans and mentors for new employees
  • Possibility for promotion between teams

IMS trains you...

  • Needs-orientated advanced training
  • Free weekly English course

IMS keeps you fit...

  • Gym with fitness courses
  • Preventative medical check-ups
  • Recreational sports groups