You work 37 years continuously and then you retire?


What about that ? What’s difficult for us, is when we look at our measuring systems. After 37 years of trouble-free operation the measuring system was revamped at a renowned steel producer. It was one of the first measuring systems from IMS.

We are self-committed to develop products with a long duration of Operation,  therefore we are  proud on this performance.

»In February 2016 IMS delivered a new measuring system to the tin-plate manufacturers, especially adapted to their space requirements. The two new isotope thickness gauges in the two levels of the uncoiler at the continuous annealing furnace no. 3 were integrated in a new E-frame. “For IMS that was no Problem.” «

 — Elmar Staudt, thyssenkrupp Rasselstein GmbH

In 2016, we have modernized more than 50 systems.