XRS Systems to be Discontinued

When IMS Messsysteme GmbH had developed the first generation of x-ray controllers and high-voltage generators in the RSG/HSG series back in 1995, we could not know that we would still offer these devices as spare parts more than 20 years later. We presume that we will carry out repairs for our customers up to the year 2021.

Due to the introduction of our new XRG generator family, the demand for the XRS system has dropped immensely. It is also becoming increasingly more difficult to find parts for this generation of devices. The new XRG x-ray generators are equipped with the latest technology. Benefits of the XRG family:

We are not alone in developing x-ray technology further. Together with the manufacturer of the high voltage cables, we have developed maintenance-free high voltage cables. Speak to us!

We also thought of our customers who would like to modernise their existing measuring systems without having to buy complete new systems. The new x-ray generators have been designed, so that they can be retrofitted easily.

Speak to us. We will gladly work out a customized proposal for replacement of your x-ray components. Stay one step ahead and think of the future.