Save 2km Waste – per Day!

In spite of hot metal detectors, rolling lines still face problems. At present most of these systems are equipped with photocells as across-the-board use of line cameras would be too expensive. However, the systems used at the moment cannot minimise the waste that arises during optimal cutting . The shears in the rolling lines also cannot be controlled exactly and the light barriers that are in use only detect a track. In most plants there are systems from many different manufacturers, often making it difficult for them to interact with each other smoothly.

  • Since no other system than the photocells with fan lenses and slit collimators or the line cameras have been used so far, none of these problems has been solved.

IMS offers the solution

  • By combining measuring systems from IMS and the hot metal detectors, you can optimise your processes and reduce the variety of manufacturers you use.

We now use camera cluster systems for our hot metal detectors. This technology, which is unique in the world, cannot only detect a track, but a defined area.

The result: an optimal reduction in waste. In addition to this, installation and maintenance of the detectors are simple.

Another innovation is the mounting of our system: the hot metal detector cannot only be mounted directly at the strip, but also at a bigger distance from it.

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