News from IMS Systems Inc.

Chris Lackinger has been appointed the new managing director at IMS Inc. He currently heads Global Metals Consulting LLC as chairman of the board. We look forward to profiting from his experience and know-how as former president and CEO of ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, Alabama.

John Buckman, the current MD and Vice President of Operations at IMS Systems Inc., will leave the management board after 17 years of service for us. We are delighted that Mr Buckman has declared his willingness to stand by our side in the future as well and to dedicate himself solely to sales.

Mr Buckman established contacts for us in the USA for the first time in the year 2000, thereby opening up a new market for us. Much has happened for us since IMS Inc. was established. The new company building was inaugurated in December 2008, production of IMS measuring frames was launched on 16 January 2013 and the IMS subsidiary continues to work innovatively and effectively with a staff of 25.