„Lack of lubrication of the linear unit may lead to losses“ or „If you grease (lubricates) well, you speed well“

The properties of lubricants change in the course of their use in machines and devices and the lubricants will be consumed.

The maintenance is responsible for the „lubrication“. In case you observe divergent operating conditions, e.g. higher temperatures, greater moisture influence; unexpected machine behaviour, e.g. loud bearing noises or operating noises, increased wear; rapid deterioration in the condition of the lubricant; you should act as soon as possible.

For a trouble free operation and long life time it is essential to lubricate the linear motion units in regular intervals.

We will support our customers and advert to comply with our maintenance instructions. The necessary documents are included in our documentation. Just look into it!

DIN 51825
Consistency class
DIN 51818
Lubricant quantity Lubricating interval
Bosch-Rexroth KP2K NLGI 2 1,5 cm³ 5000 km or all 500 operating hours
HSB KPE1R-20 0,8 cm³ pro Schmierpunkt 5000 km or
min 2x per year
Unimotion Lubcon TURMOGREASE Highspeed L252/3 1,4 g 5000 km or
min 2x per year