Free Service !

Your garage regularly writes to you when your next service or tyre change is due. Your coffee machine reminds you when a filter needs replacement or seals have to be lubricated. Photocopiers do not wait until you order consumables, but can already carry out this service automatically for you. All for YOUR benefit.

We also want to make our services more attractive for you and are therefore busy building a customer portal through which you will be able to obtain extensive information on your measuring systems in future!

  • Obtain the latest information on maintenance recommendations or intervals for components from us.

  • Find out which parts are no longer available, but for which we have already found a substitute for you.

  • Download firmware updates for your components.

  • Obtain our latest DVD with the manufacturer documentation for your individual components.

  • Exchange experiences with our experts.

»We have expanded our spare part lists for our measuring systems in the last few months. Find out about the latest information on the availability of components and their replacement times. Ask us to compile up-to-date spare part lists for measuring systems we have already delivered to you free of charge.«

Nail Cicek
Team Leader Spare Parts & Repairs, IMS Messsysteme GmbH

IMS Messsysteme GmbH sees it as its duty to support its customers as best possible after delivery of its measuring systems.

Please fill in this contact form and register now for the future customer portal or ask for your spare part lists.

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