Focus on operational safety and durability – KNOW how it works!

IMS Messsysteme GmbH has been using X-ray technology in measuring systems to determine material thickness in hot mills for more than 20 years. The X-ray tubes are operated with high voltage up to max. 200 kV.

Most of you will now think: Yes, and what’s so special about that?

For you of course: switching on and off of the X-ray tubes in the measuring system and associated safe operation. This was preceded by an optimization process lasting many years. Together with our suppliers, we worked on improvements at IMS to perfect the measurement performance and potential applications of X-ray technology even further.

The MXR 228 X-ray tube represents the result of this painstaking work and has joined others in the list of successful X-ray tubes for application with medium to high voltage. It is the 3rd generation in this development series.

Our new MXR 228 technology is naturally also mechanically and electrically compatible with its predecessor versions. You can therefore use the MXR 226/IA without restriction.

Together with our SL high-voltage cables and our XRG X-ray generator family, the MXR 228 has passed all comparisons successfully.

Your benefits in short

  • The MXR 228 X-ray tube is currently operated with max. 50% of its nominal power – the focus lies on operational safety and durability as well as radiation protection

  • Compatible with predecessor version – reduction in spare parts

  • No problems with cold-emission leakage currents, also at max. high voltage – stable, quasi drift-free measurement signal

  • Compact design

  • Safe, low-maintenance operation in combination with the SL high-voltage connectors