“Continuous Traversing – Without Stopping”

We at IMS Messsysteme GmbH have changed to a new, innovative lubrication system for you. As you already read in our article “Deficient Lubrication of the Linear Unit Can Result in Failures ”, continuous supply of the lubrication point is vital. With our new system, you no longer need to worry about this anymore. With the help of our new lubricant cartridge, your system will be lubricated reliably around the clock, thereby rendering shortages and over-greasing are things of the past! Schedulable maintenance intervals as a result of long-term lubrication will improve the profitability and also increase the working reliability by reducing the number of maintenance activities necessary!

You obtain a complete system with simple handling!

The innovative lubricant cartridges built into our new measuring systems ensure continuous lubrication of the lubrication point. They are easy to change without having to stop production. The fill level is easy to see, and you can replace the cartridges without the need for tools.

We will gladly inform you about our new lubrication method.