Check Us with the IMS Calibration Master!

When you check the measuring accuracy of IMS multichannel profile measuring gauges (“SMC”for FE or “SSMC” for AL), this is often a laborious, but necessary process. You can now minimise the amount of work involved because we have automated this once cumbersome manual task for you, saving you more than 80% of your time!


Calibration plates are used to calibrate or check the measuring accuracy of IMS radiometric multichannel measuring systems. These calibration plates used to be positioned over the measuring channels that were to be tested or calibrated by hand and then measured. Involving up to 200 detectors at times, this was a lot of work.

We have now developed the “ICM” IMS Calibration Master for our customers.

This IMS Calibration Master is a tool that greatly simplifies the calibration test. The IMS Calibration Master basically consists of a programmed drive that makes it possible to position the calibration plate carriage used in IMS multichannel measuring systems above the channels that are to be measured exactly to 1/10 millimetre.

It includes a program package, embedded in the system software, that visualizes the measured data. Full documentation supports your activities.

Save yourself time-consuming calibrations by using the IMS Calibration Master and benefit from the

  • Full documentation

  • Automated calibration

  • 80% time saving

  • Safe, accident-preventing method

  • Ease of use

  • Good mobility

  • Simple connectivity