AR-Glasses in Use at IMS

1 - What is it?

Augmented Reality-Glasses extend the perceived reality. Unlike Virtual Reality, AR-Glasses combine what the human sees and additional computer-based information. Thereby, the perception of reality is enhanced. The field of application is diverse, for example it can be used in navigation, architecture, industry, and entertainment.

2 - Who came up with it?

For his master thesis, IMS-student Alexander Pleß utilized the functions of the AR-Glasses and worked with a prototype in the laser danger area. His title: “Optimization of camera alignment for gauges by augmented reality”.

3 - What can it be used for?

Constant looking back and forth between the monitor and the camera/laser is not necessary anymore. The calibration’s precision is increased by the enhanced view. Extended security during the adjustment is ensured, because both hands can be used for operations instead of holding the laptop. Especially while working on big systems – like the current order of surface inspection systems, in which 54 cameras are being adjusted at the moment – the ladder can be used with both hands. Additionally, no one can trip over the network cable of a laptop.

4 - And what are the advantages?

Current quality data for camera and laser adjustments, detection, thickness, and brightness can be observed simultaneously during the adjustment of the systems. The data basically appears in addition to what you see in your own view. Furthermore, a live picture of the camera is displayed and updated cyclically. This view enables constant feedback and increases the precise adjustment.