Another milestone has been reached

The official inauguration of the new production building took place on 13th September.

At the grand festivity, the architect Andreas Muster presented the symbolic key to the management.

In order to maintain our level in the future, we not only go with the times, but are ahead of our time.

With this forward-looking, strategic orientation, we consider the high market potential and continue to make our Heiligenhaus headquarters fit for the future. Earthworks and foundations started in October 2018. In April 2019, the shell was completed. And only four months later, the new building was completed.

It has its own heating system and power supply. 42 km of power cables, 11 km of data cables and 2 km of power cables have been laid.

Photovoltaics generate 100,000 kWh of electricity per year. With a floor area of 1720 m², a 3,440 m² production area over two floors and state-of-the-art production facilities, this is a milestone in the history of IMS.

All individual components for IMS Messsysteme GmbH and IMS Röntgensysteme GmbH will be produced in these halls in the future. For example, mechanical parts and mechatronic assemblies for force measurement, detectors, digitally adjustable measuring amplifiers for pluggable ionization chambers High-resolution camera cluster measuring systems. Line laser with Peltier cooling systems for extreme temperatures. Ellipsometry measuring systems for non-metallic coatings. Radar measuring systems, measuring systems for food monitoring. But not only the production is state of the art.

Thanks to a fully automated high-bay warehouse and a driverless transport system, we can offer our customers improved material management and shorter production times.

With the new production building, we have made another big step towards optimally positioning ourselves for the future and consolidating our Heiligenhaus location.

Among other things, an article by Daniele Funke has appeared on RP-ONLINE: