A brand new IMS-street for 41,360m²

The IMS grounds, which are not that small anymore, consist of 8 buildings. Since the company moved to Heiligenhaus in 1986, the size increased to 413.6 a. This summer, there is a new expansion following: a new connecting street including a turning bay.

“Everything would be easier with an own street: internal transports from building to building and regulations for the AEO“, says Mr. Marcel Döbbeler, Head of Shipping Department IMS Messsysteme GmbH. – This dream now becomes true. The construction works of the company’s street are scheduled to be completed by end of July. As a consequence, the up to 10,000 inbound and 2,500 outbound deliveries will be simplified considerably. In addition, there will be access controls at the factory‘s premises which results in much higher security.

As usual for the world market leader, the works at the IMS-street will be completed in record time. IMS is looking forward to the new road of success!