Coil State Measurement


IMS Coil State Measurement

  • Measuring principle: Optical
  • Measuring task: Detection of coil winding offset
  • Field of application: Hot rolling mills
  • Production plant: Hot strip mill
  • Measured good: Steel coils
IMS Coilwickelzustandsmessung_V2

Detect the winding offset and send the data to the equipment controller

To obtain exact information on the winding offset of coils and thus their winding state, a triangulation laser is used in the coil winding state measuring system to detect the contours. The coil face measuring system determines the winding profile of your coil  over its complete height in the shortest of times and with the highest precision. Thanks to the fast triangulation laser, the contour over the entire coil diameter is scanned within about just 10 seconds.

In this way, it is possible to avoid delivery of faulty coils because this system detects the lateral roaming of coil windings that occurs when winding up hot strip at an early stage and damage to the material during transport is prevented. 

Coil state measurement is used for the detection of coil misalignment of steel coils in hot strip mills.

Your challenges

  • Defective coiling
  • Damage to coil edges
  • Transport damage
  • Creases and winding offset
  • Edge cracks
  • Manual / Visual inspection for coil assessment

Our solutions for you

  • Non-contact detection
  • Independent of material temperature
  • Inferences on the condition of your equipment
  • Full documentation of the coil
  • Avoidance of damage
  • Increase in quality
  • Reduction in costs

IMS Measuring Systems for the Metals Industry

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IMS Top 10 Highlights

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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