Camera-Cluster-Systems Geometry

CCS Geometry_CMYK

IMS CCS Geometry (Camera-Cluster-Systems)

  • Measuring principle: Optical
  • Measuring task: Geometry measurement
  • Field of application: Service Center
  • Production plant: Cut-to-length lines
  • Measured good: Steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals
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Away from spot quality control to 100% inspection

The IMS camera-cluster-systems report tolerance violations in the running production process in real time via a warning signal, enabling immediate intervention in the production process and appropriate adjustment of it. Unwanted rejects are thus avoided, while at the same time increasing production efficiency and quality.

Camera cluster systems (CCS) are used for measuring the geometry of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals in cut-to-length lines of service centres.

Production plants must operate consistently, efficiently and profitably. Here high setup costs due to manual measurement of the width, length, perpendicularity and saber of sheets or plates have a negative impact on yields. Measurements with rulers, or time-consuming measurement on measuring tables, are subject to inaccuracies, and transcription errors during manual data transfer are often inevitable.

The Camera-Cluster-System CCS Geometry system from IMS uses the patented camera-cluster-technology, which we are the first manufacturer worldwide to deploy successfully. The system works fully automatically and adapts itself automatically to different sheet and plate lengths as well as different surface properties. The complete geometry of the sheets and plates is measured precisely on the conveyor belt or roller table, thereby guaranteeing 100% inspection.

Your challenges

  • High setup times caused by, among others, manual measurement of width, length, diagonals and saber
  • Difficult access for manual measurement
  • High risk of injury
  • Unreliable manual measurement of width, length and diagonals with rulers and on measuring tables
  • Infringement of tolerance limits during production

Our solutions for you

  • Inline measurement and data processing in a fraction of a second
  • Fully automatic geometry measurement; no manual operation of the measuring system necessary
  • High resolution and measuring accuracy; use of 100 cameras per metre strip width
  • 100% inspection
  • Alarms are triggered in the case of dimensional irregularities

IMS Measuring Systems for the Metals Industry

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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IMS Top 10 Highlights

IMS Top 10 Innovations
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Top 10 Highlights

  • Multichannel Profile Measuring Systems for Cold Rolling Mills
  • Calibration Master for Multichannel Profile Measuring Systems
  • Camera-Cluster-Systems Geometry
  • Burr Detection for slabs
  • surcon 3D Tube Surface Inspection
  • Coil State Measurement
  • surcon 2D and 3D Surface Inspection
  • XRD Phase Content Measurement
  • Oil Film Measurement
  • Internal Defect Detection

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