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Thickness gauge

Modern manufacturing and inspection lines are operated at high speeds and within tight tolerances today.

Quality and economy depend decisively on compliance with thickness tolerance specifications. Our thickness measuring system measures the thickness of the material in the middle of the roller table precisely – online and without direct physical contact with the material.

Apart from in a fixed position in the middle of the roller table, the thickness measuring system can also be implemented as thickness profile measuring system. In this case the C-frame traverses continuously between the two opposite ends of the material.

The main advantages of our measuring systems over conventional methods of measurement lie in their non-contact, continuous and high-speed measurement of the parameters with the highest-possible accuracy in real time.

The measured values are sent to the higher-level AGC thickness control system to attain  a specific and constant thickness along the length of the material.

Isotope and x-ray sources may be used as radiation sources in dependence on the measurement range. In the case of a free choice x-ray sources are preferred due to their higher measuring accuracy.

The gauges are adapted individually to the particular installation site and are suitable for universal use. The thickness measuring systems can be equipped additionally with a length and speed measuring system.

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Thickness measuring system
Thickness measuring system
Fixed measuring point
Fixed measuring point